Visual Lint Screenshots

Visual Lint supports a variety of C/C++, C# and Java code analysis tools.

The Configuration Wizard will guide you through the process of installing analysis tools to use with Visual Lint.

If you need support for a particular analysis tool please contact us and we will be happy to look into integrating it into Visual Lint.

The Active Analysis Tool Dialog allows the active analysis tool to be selected.

This can also be defined on per-solution//workspace basis, so that when you open a particular solution/workspace the appropriate analysis tool will be automatically selected.

A typical Visual Lint configuration running within Microsoft Visual Studio.

The Analysis Status Display on the right shows the progress of background analysis, whilst the issues within the current file are shown in a dedicated Analysis Results Display docked at the bottom of the main window.

A typical Visual Lint configuration running within Eclipse.

The Analysis Status Display can be seen docked on the left, and the Analysis Results Display docked below the code editor window.

A manual analysis of the active file can be performed at any time. The Manual Analysis Dialog is modeless, so you can carry on working as the analysis continues.

If the analysis of your codebase is taking too long Visual Lint can accelerate the analysis by distributing analysis tasks to spare processing capacity on your local network.

This functionality requires access to the Incredibuild XML interface available in the IncrediBuild for Dev Tools package.

The Analysis Results Display displays detailed analysis results for specific files in an easy to follow, colour coded form.

Tooltips provide rapid lookup of the meaning of any issue shown in the display, and should you need to view them, raw analysis results can also be viewed in the Analysis Results Display and (optionally) the Output Window.

The Analysis Status Display shows the analysis status and issue count of all projects and files within the solution.

Specific projects or files can be excluded from analysis by clearing the checkbox next to the name of the item.

The Message Lookup Display provides a quick and easy way to view the help text for any issue - simply select the category and message you wish to view.

Please note however that this display is not available for all analysis tools.