We Make Support Straightforward

Unlike some software companies, we believe that the quality and ease of use of our support is every bit as important as that of our code. Feedback from customers helps us immeasurably in improving our products, so why erect a fence and make it hard for customers with a problem to tell us about it?

As such, all Riverblade licences include complimentary email support at no cost. There are no per-incident support fees or complex or fiddly ticketing systems to deal with - you can simply email us directly.

All enquiries are handled on a priority basis, and although we aim to respond to queries within 1 working day, in all but the most complex queries you can expect a far quicker response (as some of our existing customers can no doubt testify!).

If you have a query, please feel free to contact us directly at and we will do whatever we can to answer it to your satisfaction.


Priority Support Subscriptions

In addition to our mainline support, we also offer an option for enhanced support via priority support subscriptions. A Riverblade priority support subscription ensures that any issues you have with our software will be handled with the highest priority and that you will always have access to the latest versions of our software.

Priority support subscriptions are available on a yearly basis include the following benefits throughout the lifetime of the subscription:

Priority support subscriptions are currently available for the following products:

Note that a support subscription must be purchased for each product licence to be supported. So, if you purchase 5 licences for one of our products, you will need 5 support subscriptions for the corresponding product if you wish to take advantage of the benefits of the subscription.

* Subject to the subscription being in force for a period of at least 1 month prior to the new major version being released.


Software Updates

Bug fixes and product updates are available in new builds of our products available for download from this website. Hence, before contacting us for a support enquiry, we recommend that you first check whether the issue in question has already been resolved in the latest build of the product in question. Some products include automatic update notifications, which can make this process rather straightforward.

Product updates may also include support for new versions of supported development environments (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio), analysis tools (e.g. PC-lint Plus) or other associated products (e.g. the Intel C++ Compiler).

Minor upgrades (e.g. v6.0 to v6.5) are free of charge; however an upgrade licence will be required for major upgrades (e.g. v6.0 or v6.5 to v7.0).

Finally, if you want to be kept up to date with current developments in our products we recommend you consider subscribing to the corresponding mailing list (there is one available for each of our products) or our blog.