Visual Lint Product Editions

Visual Lint is available in Personal, Professional, Enterprise and Build Server editions:


Please note that Visual Lint Personal Edition is licenced for use by individual and freelance developers rather than organisations. If your organisation has more than one member of staff, you must use Visual Lint Professional Edition or above.


The capabilities of each interactive Visual Lint edition are summarised in the table below:

Feature Personal

from $249 USD

from $499 USD

from $999 USD

Use industry standard code analysis tools: *

* Analysis tools supplied separately. PC-lint and PC-lint Plus are considered to be a single analysis tool for licencing purposes.

(configure to use any one analysis tool)
(configure to use any one analysis tool)
(configure to use all available analysis tools)
Licenced for use by organisations - Yes Yes
Designed for large codebases - - Yes
Plug-ins for Visual Studio (VS2002-2019), Atmel Studio and Eclipse Yes
(use any
one plug-in)
(use any
one plug-in)
(use all available plug-ins)
Standalone interactive analysis environment (VisualLintGui) Yes Yes Yes
Standalone command line analysis environment (VisualLintConsole) Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Visual Studio 2005/2008 projects using the Intel C++ Compiler (version 9.1 or later) - Yes Yes
Dedicated commands to view analysis tool documentation within the environment Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated commands to edit the analysis configuration within the environment Yes Yes Yes
Analysis of implementation files automatically takes into account project settings and active configuration Yes Yes Yes
The active file can be manually analysed from the context menu of the code editor at any time Yes Yes Yes
Double clicking on an analysis issue opens the corresponding source file and shows the meaning of the issue Yes Yes Yes
Single file ("unit checkout") manual analysis Yes Yes Yes
Automated background analysis of the entire solution or workspace Yes Yes Yes
Selective inclusion or exclusion of individual projects and files from background analysis - Yes Yes
PC-lint and PC-lint Plus intermodule analysis - Yes Yes
Analysis results automatically are made available when a file is opened for editing Yes Yes Yes
Code Editor markers to indicate the location and severity of analysis issues (VS2005-2019 and VisualLintGui) - - Yes
When a file is saved, it is automatically queued for re-analysis Yes Yes Yes
A dedicated Analysis Results Display presents analysis results in an easy to interpret, colour coded form Yes Yes Yes
Global Display Filter allows issues with a specific ID to be instantly filtered from the displays - - Yes
Insert suppression directives (e.g. //lint !e1762) directly from the Analysis Results Display - - Yes
Analysis Results Display "Issue Count by Category" view - Yes Yes
Analysis Results Display "Issue Count by Message Number" view - - Yes
A dedicated Message Lookup Display provides the ability to directly look up the meaning of any PC-lint or PC-lint Plus message Yes Yes Yes
A dedicated Analysis Status Display shows detailed information upon the current status of analysis within the solution or workspace Yes Yes Yes
A dedicated Analysis History Display showing information upon the analysis history of a specified file, project or the entire solution/workspace - - Yes
HTML Reports Yes Yes Yes
User defined HTML report stylesheets - Yes Yes
Analysis reports include detailed breakdowns (in chart and tabular form) of which issues have been reported, and where - - Yes
Customised per solution/workspace and per project analysis configurations - Yes
(stored with solution/workspace only)
(stored with solution/workspace or project)
Post-processing of generated PC-lint and PC-lint Plus project indirect ("project.lnt") files - - Yes
Customisable and user definable issue categories (currently PC-lint and PC-lint Plus only) - Yes Yes
Accelerate local PC-lint and PC-lint Plus analysis tasks using precompiled headers - Yes Yes
Accelerate analysis tasks using spare processing capacity on your network (requires IncrediBuild) - - Yes
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If there is something you would like to see included in Visual Lint, please let us know.