LintProject Pro Version History

LintProject Pro has now been superseded by Visual Lint Build Server Edition, and new LintProject Pro licences are no longer available. Please see the blogpost LintProject Pro End of Life Notice for support and upgrade details.


Version (16th November, 2015)

Version (7th June, 2013)

Version (14th March, 2013)

Version (14th January, 2013)

Version (26th October, 2011)

Version (29th July, 2011)

Version (13th June, 2011)

Version (15th November, 2010)

Version (26th August, 2010)

Version (26th July, 2010)

Version (16th June, 2010)

Version (5th April, 2010)

Version (1st April, 2010)

Version (1st December, 2009)

Version (17th August, 2009)

Version (17th June, 2009)

Version (18th May, 2009)

Version (13th February, 2009)

Version (24th January, 2009)