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Visual Lint 7.0 has been released

Saturday 30th March, 2019

The first public build of Visual Lint 7.0 has just been uploaded to our website.

As of today, Visual Lint 7.0 replaces Visual Lint 6.5 as the current supported Visual Lint version. Customers with active Visual Lint 6.x priority support, floating and site licence subscriptions should shortly receive updated licence keys for the new version, and upgrades for Visual Lint 5.x and 6.x per user licences will become available in our online store soon. Older editions can be upgraded manually - please contact us for details.

In addition, most customers who have purchased per-user Visual Lint licences since the start of January will shortly receive new Visual Lint 7.x compatible licence keys.

Full details of the changes in this version are as follows:


Host Environments:

Analysis Tools:




User Interface:

Bug Fixes:

Download Visual Lint 7.0

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