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UI changes in Visual Studio 11 - what do you think?

Friday 24th February, 2012

A very interesting MSDN blog post about the forthcoming Visual Studio 11 landed this morning titled Introducing the New Developer Experience.

The bottom line - it's grey...very grey - even the icons, which are monochrome glyphs:

Visual Studio 11 - what do you think?
Visual Studio 11 - what do you think?

As someone who finds vast expanses of grey hard on the eye my first instinctive reaction was "Yuck!". I personally find the Visual Studio 2008 visual style to be about right for me - Visual Studio 2010 feels a bit too glaring (as well as being dog slow to start, but that's another debate....), and I really don't think I could use an IDE as grey as this one all day without feeling quite low about the whole experience.

We all have to make up our own minds, of course - and this isn't necessarily representative of what we will have to use on a daily basis. I do have to wonder if MS are trying just a little too hard to "reinevent the world" again though - and as a plug-in developer I certainly don't relish having to have to maintain yet another set of icons (monochrome this time) just for Visual Studio 11!

If you use Visual Studio on a daily basis, it might be a good idea to make Microsoft aware of your thoughts on such a major change in the user interface before they become entrenched in the product.

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