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Visual Lint command line application - now in beta

Wednesday 3rd August, 2011

For some time now we have been receiving enquiries about the possibility of doing a command line version of Visual Lint for use with build servers. Such a product would in effect offer a more capable alternative to LintProject Pro which could also run incremental and whole project analysis, or even take advantage of an IncrediBuild grid to dramatically reduce analysis time.

Although we have had "proof of concept" code for VisualLintConsole (our internal name for the Visual Lint command line application) for some time now, the project is now running on a more formal footing in our Visual Lint development branch. Analysis functions (including IncrediBuild/XGE accelerated analysis) are working, and we are gradually implementing command line switches matching those supported by LintProject Pro:

VisualLintConsole - the command line version of Visual Lint.

VisualLintConsole supports incremental analysis in the same way as the interactive versions of Visual Lint, and we are finding this to be very well suited to a continuous integration environment - in fact we have VisualLintConsole configured to run a time-limited incremental analysis on each check-in, and our build server (a humble dual core 1.8GHz Xeon) hasn't melted just yet!

In terms of licencing, our intention is that developer installations of VisualLintConsole will be covered under existing Visual Lint licences , but for use in a build server environment a new "Build Server Edition" licence will become available. LintProject Pro will of course continue to be offered as a low-cost alternative for teams who do not need access to the more advanced functionality offered by VisualLintConsole.

Public availability will be "when it's ready" rather than on a fixed schedule but later this year or early next year is realistic.

In the meantime it goes without saying that beta testers are welcome. We are particularly interested in developing stylesheets etc. to integrate VisualLintConsole with continuous integration servers such as CruiseControl.NET, Jenkins and TeamCity so if you are using one of these environments we would be particularly interested to hear from you.

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