Online Store / Visual Lint


Visual Lint is available in Personal, Professional, Enterprise and Build Server editions as required. For maximum flexibility per user/per-server, floating and site licences are available (please contact us if you require a site licence).

To use Visual Lint, you will need at least one supported analysis tool (e.g. Clang-Tidy, CppCheck, cpplint, FindBugs, FxCop, PC-lint, PC-lint Plus or Vera++) and one or more supported development environments (Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual C++, Eclipse, CodeGear C++ etc.). Most analysis tools are open source and can be downloaded freely (Visual Lint can guide you through this process); but some others (e.g. PC-lint and PC-lint Plus) are commercial products and must be purchased separately.

The following Visual Lint licences are currently available in our online store: