Visual Lint Overview

Visual Lint is an interactive code analysis environment for freelancers and teams who need advanced static code analysis capabilities within their development and build/continuous integration server environments.

It can run within your development environment, in a standalone editor or on your build/continuous integration server- whichever works best for you.

Visual Lint can analyse your C/C++, C# or Java code to identify common code mistakes, bugs, security issues and more. All in the background, while you work.

Configure Easily


Configuring Visual Lint is straightforward - just tell it which analysis tools you want to use, where they are installed, and what warning policy you need to use.

Analyse Efficiently


Visual Lint analyses in the background while you work, and can use as many CPU cores as you need it to. It can even integrate with Incredibuild to make analysis even faster.

Get Results


While many other code analysis products require you to manually analyse files one at a time and present results in an arcane plain text form, Visual Lint can analyse your files automatically while you edit and presents the analysis results you need in easy to interpret displays, with tooltips to tell you what each reported issue means.

To use Visual Lint, you will need access to an installation of at least one supported analysis tool (e.g. Clang-Tidy, CppCheck,PC-lint or PC-lint Plus).

Please contact us if you have any queries.