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ResOrg 2.0 update

Thursday, December 15, 2011

We released a new beta of ResOrg 2.0 this morning. This one has a new and slightly more up to date look and feel than its predecessors, as you can probably see from the screenshot below:

The ResOrg 2.0 application"
The ResOrg 2.0 application.

One small but significant improvement is the ability to renumber IDs in the .mfcribbon-ms files used by the Visual Studio 2010 Ribbon Designer:

ResOrg 2.0 running within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
ResOrg 2.0 running within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

If the value of a symbol which appears in a .mfcribbon-ms file associated with the same .rc file is changed, ResOrg will now automatically update the contents of the .mfcribbon-ms file when the symbol file is saved.

The symbol highlighted in yellow above is an example - if you change the value of IDB_BUTTONS in the left hand pane and the save the file, the corresponding value in the ribbon.mfcribbon-ms file will be updated automatically and the IDE will then prompt you to reload the ribbon.mfcribbon-ms file.

We still have a handful of things to change in ResOrg 2.0 before releasing it publicly, but it's now just about there.

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Today only - 50% off Visual Lint Standard Edition on Bits du Jour!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Visual Lint Standard Edition is being featured on Bits du Jour today for a whopping 50% discount.

We obviously can't afford to offer this kind of discount often, so it will be available for today only. If you are interested in a Standard Edition licence at half the price it would normally be this is your big chance!

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